The Argentine Government recently announced that admissible individuals seeking to travel to Argentina from countries in Africa, or who were recently present in Africa, must quarantine for 14 days on arrival and test negative for COVID-19 before ending their quarantine. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: EY

Argentina recientemente ha actualizado los requisitos de ingreso al país teniendo en cuenta que se ha detectado la variante Omicron cuya información preliminar indica un riesgo aumentado de transmisión y reinfección comparado con otras variantes y riesgo de respuesta disminuida a las vacunas. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: EMS

From the cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires to the vast plains of Patagonia and the majestic Andes Mountains, Argentina is a land of contrasts occupying the southeastern tip of South America. There’s no doubt that expats moving to Argentina are in for an adventure. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Argentina

In view of several controversies that have arisen during the last days, the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security («Ministry of Labor»), by means of a note, ratified the validity of Joint Resolution No. 4/2021, by which it has established that employers are entitled to summon workers included in the assumptions of exemption from […]

El 21 de mayo entró en vigencia la Disposición 758/2022 que autoriza la concesión de una residencia transitoria, por un plazo de hasta 180 días a aquellos extranjeros nacionales de países que no requieran visa de turista para ingresar a Argentina, a los fines de prestar servicios en forma remota mediante la utilización de medios […]

Regulation No. 1921/2022 of the Federal Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security’s Department of Labor, published in the Official Gazette on 12 October 2022 («Regulation»), creates a registry for employers that use telework («Registry») and delegates to the National Board of New Forms of Work the powers of implementing, administering and controlling the Registry. […]

As the world-wide roll-out of COVID-19 vaccinations becomes more widespread, organizations looking to protect their workforces and promote business continuity must continue to navigate a fast evolving framework of national protocols and regulatory regimes. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Baker McKenzie