Saudi Arabia resumes it’s visa program for Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom and Schengen countries. Travelers coming from these countries will not have to keep quarantine, nor present PCR test. They will also not be required to present a vaccination certificate. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Duguech & Dip

As the world-wide roll-out of COVID-19 vaccinations becomes more widespread, organizations looking to protect their workforces and promote business continuity must continue to navigate a fast evolving framework of national protocols and regulatory regimes. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Baker McKenzie

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia has issued several decisions in relation to employment requirements in an aim to increase the inclusion of local talent in the private sector. Professions in marketing, healthcare, medical appliances, dentistry, and pharmaceutical sectors will be impacted. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Sterling Lexicon

Explore the significant shift in Saudi Arabia’s business landscape as the Kingdom mandates international organisations to move their regional headquarters to Riyadh by January 2024, a move aligning with its ambitious Vision 2030. Accede a la NOTICIA completa Fuente: Santa Fe Relocation