Esta presentación ha sido realizada por Esther Lozano, Spain Sales Director y Montserrat López, Área Manager de SANTA FE para IHR Providers celebrado el 29 de enero de 2019. Presentación_Políticas de relocation_Viviendas, colegios (seguridad..) y otras claves prácticas de Relocation a Latam_SANTA FE RELOCATION

For expats seeking a vibrant, multicultural place to call home, São Paulo ticks all the boxes. A destination of many accolades—Brazil’s largest city, the biggest city in South America, the center of the Brazilian economy—it’s home to a thriving international community, including members of the Japanese, Arab, and Italian diasporas, offering a warm and welcoming […]

As the largest country in South America, it’s hard to miss Brazil on a map, and in person it makes just as strong an impression. From the big-city glamor of Rio de Janeiro and the famous shores of Copacabana, to the vast rainforests filled with diverse wildlife, Brazil has something for everyone. It’s not just […]