Like many employers, you may be struggling to find employees with the skills you need in your own country. But the pandemic has shown, if nothing else, that work can be done from anywhere. So what if you just cast the net wider and found people with the right skillset from other countries to work […]

Our 2022 International Employee Share Plan webinar provided an update on the key developments affecting the launch of global share plans. This year, we focused on trends in the design and implementation of global share plans and highlighted important global developments, including in Australia, Canada, China and the USA; updates to French tax legislation and […]

The Australia/ UK Free Trade Agreement (AUKFTA) will lead to many benefits for both countries not only with regard to businesses being able to trade more freely, but also in terms of the provisions to enable the movement of people between the two countries. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Sterling Lexicon

After Brexit date, according to the withdrawn agreement signed by the United Kingdom and the European Union, the rights of the employees that have been working before Brexit date in both countries, will be considered for the eligibility of the future benefits in any country. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Deloitte Legal

Inflation is surging around the world in developed and emerging economies alike as countries grapple with supply chain issues and rising demand as the threat from the pandemic recedes. On top of this, oil and gas prices, which were already rising, went up further after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February. Accede al CONTENIDO […]

Desde el 31 de enero de 2020 Reino Unido e Irlanda del Norte dejaron de pertenecer a la Unión Europea. Para que Reino Unido y el resto de países europeos pudieran adaptarse a esta nueva situación, se estableció un periodo transitorio que duró hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2020. Además, para determinadas cuestiones como […]

CIBT’s Managing Director for the UK, Ray Rackham, has authored an article appearing in Business Travel News Europe. The article discusses the challenges faced by EU business travellers to the UK and how important it is for travel and global mobility managers to be familiar with the categories of business-related travel and required document checklists […]