Like many employers, you may be struggling to find employees with the skills you need in your own country. But the pandemic has shown, if nothing else, that work can be done from anywhere. So what if you just cast the net wider and found people with the right skillset from other countries to work […]

El Consejo y el Parlamento Europeo han llegado a un acuerdo para poner en marcha un proyecto de directiva con el fin de establecer las condiciones de entrada y de residencia de los ciudadanos de terceros países altamente cualificados que vengan a vivir y a trabajar a la Unión Europea. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Gesdocument

As of May 2023, non-EU citizens wishing to visit one or more countries in the Schengen area will have to obtain the ETIAS travel authorization as a mandatory requirement to enter Europe. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Duguech & Dip

In February 2020, following the departure of the UK from the European Union (EU), we reported that the existing rules on social security contributions would apply for assignments between the UK and the EU/European Free Trade Area (EFTA) commencing before 31 December 2020. However, the landscape beyond that point was unclear. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Eca […]

Representatives of the European Parliament and the Council presidency have reached a provisional agreement on a draft directive amending the EU Blue Card scheme for highly qualified non-EU nationals. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Newland Chase

Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Eres Relocation

How does telework affect what employers in the EU need to take into account when they employ frontier workers? Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Sagardoy Abogados

Every 2 months, our experts from around the world put together an Update on immigration & global mobility, setting out recent changes to the law. This month, we include updates from 22 countries. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Sagardoy Abogados  

Find Recent Immigration updates (General & Covid 19) applicable to the following countries: Ireland, Qatar, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, USA Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Eres Relocation