Foreign organisations that decide to hire employees in Spain often choose to do so using an umbrella company or professional employer organisation to speed up the process before setting up local companies. However, this involves serious liability risks. The legal situation differs in other countries. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Sagardoy Abogados

On Budget Day, 20 September 2022, the Netherlands Government announced, amongst others, detailed plans to amend the 30%-facility. Most important change is the introduction of a cap on the salary to which the 30%-facility can be applied. Note that the plans are subject to approval of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Accede al CONTENIDO completo […]

Julgamento: A Quinta Turma do Tribunal Superior do Trabalho reconheceu a validade, sem ressalvas, de um acordo extrajudicial que havia sido parcialmente homologado pelo Tribunal Regional da 15ª Região, restringindo a homologação aos títulos descritos e discriminados na transação extrajudicial. Relevância: A decisão é importante considerando que  diversos Tribunais Regionais vêm homologando acordos extrajudiciais com ressalvas, […]

La Sala de lo Constitucional de la Corte Suprema de Justicia (CSJ) de Honduras ha declarado recientemente inconstitucional la Ley Marco del Sistema de Protección Social (el decreto número 56-2015). Esta inconstitucionalidad conlleva cambios relativos al Régimen de Aportaciones Privadas (o RAP, que es la institución que recauda y administra las aportaciones obrero-patronales para proveer […]

Once a jewel in the crown of the British Empire, Hong Kong has continued to prosper since it was placed back under China’s rule in 1997. The city is a financial hub, with a thriving economy that’s consistently ranked as one of the world’s freest and most competitive.   Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Cigna

In view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Hong Kong Immigration Department (HKID) issued a new facilitation measure effective 8 April 2022, as the HKID seeks to aid non-permanent residents who are unable to return to Hong Kong to renew their visas. Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Baker McKenzie

Are you finding it hard to learn another language? Does it look easy when other people do it? See how polyglots learn languages, how they hone their skills, and what tips they have for anyone learning a new language Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: Berlitz

Cutting intercultural training seems like an obvious way to save money when global mobility budgets are tight. But in a world where remote work has become the ‘new normal’, what is the true cost of this cost-saving measure? Accede al CONTENIDO completo Fuente: AGS Global Solutions